Surgical Services

We are able to provide minor surgery procedures at Broadway.

You will require an appointment with a doctor prior to any procedure.  Please ensure you let Reception know when booking to ensure enough time is allowed.

These are some of the surgery procedures we provide:

 *Please Note: Fees are subject to change and you should check the fee when booking for an appointment or procedure with reception.  All surgery and surgery related consultations must be paid for on the day of the appointment or prior.


Infant Circumcisions are done by Dr Paul Bennett for babies between one and two weeks old. For more information regarding circumcisions please visit Dr Paul's website.

The foreskin is the hood of skin that covers the head (the glans) of the penis.  Circumcision is the removal of the foreskin.



Removal of most skin lesions or cancers, moles, toenail surgery etc

Minor Surgery is carried out in our purpose built theatre.

Your doctor will advise you prior to your surgery of the type of procedure which best suits your situation and any possible complications, scarring etc.  

The tissue is sent to the Southern Community Laboratory for diagnostic purposes

and your doctor will discuss these results with you when you return for your follow up appointment.  

In some cases a further surgical procedure may be required to ensure all of the affected tissue has been removed.

This may be done at the surgery or referred on to a specialist for further review.

Dr Doug Hill provides skin cancer surgery for private paying patients and some surgeries are free under the PHO Skin Lesion GPSI (General Practitioner with Special Interest) contract funded through the Southern PHO. (Dependant on funding availability).

Fees may vary* - Check with your doctor prior to your surgery for an approximate cost.    

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Dr Douglas Hill is an Affiliated Provider to Southern Cross for skin surgery.  For eligible Southern Cross members this means:

  • You don't have to pay for the procedure and then wait to be reimbursed
  • You don't need to send in a claim form - your Affiliated Provider will manage the claims process directly with Southern Cross


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Tongue tie refers to the condition where a babies tongue is held down to varying degrees by tissue underneath the tongue which has not separated from the floor of the mouth and tongue during growth as an embryo.

This can cause problems with breast feeding, bottle feeding, speech, swallowing and licking.  It can even interfere with development of the bottom jaw and give rise to dental and speech problems.

There is a spectrum severity-based on how much of the tongue is held down of the tie so a minor tongue tie may not cause any issues at all.

People are sometimes referred to Dr Paul Bennett from their Midwife,Plunket and other health professionals for a consultation if they believe the baby may have a tongue tie. For more information visit Dr Paul's website.

From $10.00.* Funding criteria applies.


Vasectomy refers to the vas, which is the tube that takes the sperm from each testis (where the sperm is made) to storage depots called seminal vesicles.  The seminal vesicles work with the prostate gland to produce the fluid known as semen that is ejaculated with an orgasm.  Vasectomy is the surgical procedure where a  vas is removed,  so prevents sperm getting into the semen. 

Dr Paul Bennett  performs vasectomies on a regular basis.  You will need to make an appointment to come in and see him to discuss the procedure prior to your surgery date.  For more information visit Dr Paul's website.

$66 for the pre-surgery consultation*

$418 for the procedure* 


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