Broadway Medical Centre History (1960 – Present)

In 1960, Doctor Jack Chin opened up rooms in Stafford Street above what was Cameron’s Pharmacy.  He saw one patient on his first day!  While his practice built up in Stafford Street he also saw patients at Doctor McKellar’s rooms in Ravensbourne.

Six months after Doctor Chin opened his rooms at Stafford Street, another well known GP Doctor Monheimer passed away and his wife offered Doctor Chin his patients.  Doctor Chin paid 200 pounds for the practice.

A thriving practice developed and in 1967 Doctor Murray Wyatt joined.  There was no appointment system and on Murray’s first day he had to barge his way upstairs through queing patients waiting to see the Doctor. There was a lot of grumbling as patients thought he was queue jumping!

In 1970 Doctor Chin headhunted Fiona Mitchell from the orthopaedic ward to become Nurse/Receptionist.  Fiona remains at Broadway to this day as one of our Practice Managers.

In 1971 Cargill House opened.  It was Dunedin’s most modern office block at the time and Doctor Chin and Doctor Wyatt moved in. 

In January 1972 Doctor Brian Williams did a Locum at the practice and convinced the Partners that he would be a good addition to the team and in 1973 he returned from the UK to form the practice: Dr’s Chin, Wyatt and Williams.

In 1979 Dunedin Obstetrician Dr Hugh Stevely died suddenly while on holiday in Australia.  Doctor Murray Wyatt was looking after his practice in his absence and later joined Obstetricians Doctor Glenn Blanchette and Karine Baker to form Albany Maternity and Gynaecology.

On December 1st 1980, Doctor Paul Bennett joined the practice, which then became Dr’s Chin, Williams and Bennett.

In 1997 Doctor Brian Williams sold his practice to Doctor Liz Middleton who stayed until 2001 when she move to Christchurch.  Doctor Ruth Barnett brought her practice at this time. They outgrew the Cargill House premises and in May 1991 Broadway Medical Centre opened its doors at 8 Broadway.  Doctor Nick Giblin started at the same time.

In December 2001 Doctor Jack Chin retired after more than 40 years in General Practice.  Doctor Doug Hill joined the practice soon after.

Again the practice outgrew it’s premises with patients and staff sharing one toilet which was a lovely walk right round the waiting room! And our staff room/nurse room/office which apparently was quite large in comparison to the previous rooms! On leaving 8 Broadway we had four Doctors, two nurses and four reception/administration staff.

In 2004 we moved into our state of the art purpose built premises along the road at 2 Broadway with a minor surgery theatre, sterile supply/treatment room, staff/board room, separate administration office, six doctors consult rooms and two nurse rooms.

Doctor Ann Horner and Doctor Jennifer Hill joined the practice part time.

And yet again we are growing.  We have moved our filing room upstairs to make way for a new nurse room.

Today we have Doctors: Nick Giblin, Ruth Barnett, Doug Hill, Ann Horner, Jennifer Hill, Heidi McMillan, Maya MacFarlane, Tomi Moore, Laura Walsh and James Bishop as our permanent/part time doctors.  We have five practice nurses, two practice managers and seven reception staff.  We are continually growing as a practice but we still have the same values as when the practice first started….Caring for families.



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