Dr Zuzana Wheeler

Originally from Slovakia, I immigrated to NZ in 2003 to follow my husband Ben. Together we have two amazing children a dog, and enjoy our lifestyle block.  

I studied medicine in NZ, and graduated from Otago University in 2009.

My Professional philosophy is “To provide skilled, evidence- based, compassionate, wholesome care to patients of all ages and backgrounds. To prevent what can be prevented, reverse what can be reversed, improve what can be improved, to support in any strives.” 

I particularly enjoy working in General Practice because of the variety it provides on daily basis, which is stimulating my enduring professional and personal development. This combines well with my caring, curious and innovative nature. I like to be the driving force behind change towards betterment. I genuinely strive to provide compassionate care, focused on well-being. I regularly review my professional needs and weakness and address them. I keep my knowledge and skills up to date by using a wide range of professional education resources.

My particular professional STRENGTHS AND INTERESTS are:

  • lifestyle medicine:  inspiring and supporting behaviour to prevent, and achieve lasting reversal of many chronic conditions, using a variety of methods. I am working towards completing the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine Fellowship Program.
  • mental health: my previous experience of 6 years in mental health, both in NZ and Australia, means that I have a good understanding of the system and main- stream treatments. As a GP, I have also been developing and applying  further skills in “talking therapies”, adjusted to the GP setting, which have become an integral part of my consultations. I believe that mental health and physical health are intimately connected.
  • children and adolescents with chronic conditions